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Health and risk management at work: things that matter

If you are in a business or managing a business connected with manufacturing products from stone and concrete, you must know how complicated it is. Yes, it is hard physical labour; however, the difficulty is not only in this. The main difficulties come when you have to deal with workplace injuries and workplace injury treatment for your employees. You need to find medical doctors specializing in this field. This might be the main challenge.

workplace injury treatment

It is important to conduct health surveillance on your employees constantly because even a minor injury might lead to serious consequences, even permanent disability. This is a major issue not only for an employee but for your business, as well. If the injury happened at a workplace, the business might be forced to pay a life-long compensation, without mentioning workplace injury treatment expenses.

Special attention is needed for workers involved in operations, where they contract Crystalline Silica. This is a basic component of many substances, such as soil, cement, some other construction materials. That sounds good, doesn’t it? However, this is a dangerous component in Quartz. People can inhale this kind of Crystalline Silica and then develop harmful diseases. The main issue is that this dust can penetrate deep in the lungs, causing lung cancer.

Are there any ways to prevent inhaling of this dangerous dust? Of course, there are. If you work in an unhealthy environment, where you can inhale this dust, make sure that:

  • You use water on blades when you cut materials that contain this material. This cutting method is called wet cutting.
  • Check the saw for signs of wear and replace it whenever it is needed. A new saw produces less dust, hence, your exposure to the dangerous element will be much lower.
  • Dust control equipment should be controlled and maintained constantly.

For employers, it is recommended not to hire people who have already health issues that can become graver. That’s why pre employment medical assessments exist. Doctors who are trained in this industry check those who are willing to work in hazardous areas to detect any poor health signs. If they find them ineligible to work, the applicant will be most likely rejected for the job.

Nevertheless, emergencies happen even if you take all precautions to avoid them. If your employee got injured, call a trusted doctor or send him to a clinic specializing in workplace injury treatment. You might be wondering where to find such a clinic. Normally it is not so simple, that’s why it is recommended to look for one when you are launching your business. Sign an agreement with a service provider or with a doctor who can offer you this kind of service. Make sure you include in the agreement all details that could happen. And, finally, agree on which treatment conditions your employees can receive from them.

Where to find such a clinic? That’s a more complicated question, but you are the lucky one. Resile is the place where you can get a professional consultation and all your needed services. The specialists of the clinic will make an on-site assessment and will provide help on-site, as well, if needed. If the facility is located too far from you, a special training session is available for your specialists.