Quick guide in buying the best women’s snowboards in Australia

Buying womens snowboards is actually an important consideration for ladies who want to ride on the snow. No, it’s not a mere cute and pretty pink version of regular snowboards, but it’s built to specifically fit the needs and movements of ladies whilst on board.


womens snowboards



Thus, you should consider a few factors in choosing which board to buy. This is for you to find the right fit, letting you perform better on your preferred snowboarding style or terrain.

What factors to remember in choosing the best women’s snowboards

Do you want to enjoy snow in some parts of Australia through snowboarding? Consider these factors in choosing the best Australian womens snowboards to buy.

Know the general difference of women’s snowboard from regular variants

Before you consider further factors, know that women’s snowboards are generally much shorter and lighter than regular boards. This is to provide better flexibility and maneuverability for ladies since they usually have a lower centre of gravity and differ in movements than men.

Style and type of snowboarding you want to do

Each type of snowboarding in Australia uses a specific type of board, which helps in meeting the factors and elements involved in certain snowboarding activity.

If you want to simply play on flat grounds, for example, you can choose freestyle or park womens snowboards in Australia. Freestyle snowboards are short and flexible for easy control on such terrain.

Other types of snowboards you should know are free-ridden, powder and all-mountain snowboards, with each specifically intended for certain snowboarding types on Australian snow. However, all-mountain womens snowboards are the best for general use, as it could easily go through any terrains and style.

Snowboard sizing

In finding the right size of a snowboard to buy, remember that your weight is the primary factor to consider. The heavier you are, the longer the board you need.

Moreover, note that shorter boards provide easier maneuverability, whilst longer boards promise excellent stability on powder snow.

Flexibility and stiffness

Flexibility is another factor that dictates maneuverability and stability aside from size. Flexible womens snowboards, for example, are best for simple snowboarding like on flat grounds of parks.

On the other hand, stiffer boards are more unforgiving and are built with superior support for high-speed rides.

Camber and shape

Aside from suitability for specific terrain and snowboarding type, shape and camber also dictate on how the board could be controlled for best performance.

For example, true-twin snowboards could optimize switch rides, whilst directional boards or those with longer nose could make powder riding feel like surfing.

On the other hand, camber is about how the board lay on a flat surface. Camber boards have a long arch that reaches down to the tip and reverses cambers have arches that reach to the middle and have an inverted tail.

Camber boards provide good responsiveness especially for park snowboarders, whilst reverse camber boards are favoured by powder riders.

These are just quick guides for you to buy the best womens snowboards Australia could offer. Know more about them at, so you can understand how each of these factors plays significant roles on a snowboard.

Moreover, feel free to browse through a good selection of snowboards for women’s as well, so you can start enjoying the snowy regions of Australia.